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Hva gjør og mener velgerne?

2014:007 Internettvalg
Rapport (2014:007) Oslo: Institutt for samfunnsforskning (2014)
ISBN print: 978-82-7763-436-4
ISBN internet: 978-82-7763-437-1
Pages: 146

The report presents results from an evaluation of the internet voting trial that was carried out in twelve municipalities at the 2013 Norwegian parliamentary election. The evaluation follows up the evaluation of the corresponding trial at the 2011 local elections, and expands on some of the themes, focusing on the behaviour and attitudes of the citizens. More precisely, we look into four main themes: turnout, accessibility, trust in internet voting, and the secret ballot. The main conclusion is that little has changed since 2011. There is still a high level of support for internet voting among the citizens. Even though the trial has contributed to a further increase in advance voting, this has not led to higher turnout. Furthermore, the report points to some challenges for internet voting in Norway, such as a lack of correspondence between the legal understanding and the popular understanding of the principle of the secret ballot

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